Turkey Crown


(This is the deposit only, the balance will be payable on collection at £11.25 per kg (up to 5kg) and £11.00 per kg (5.5kg and above).

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Turkey Crown – Boneless. Just the turkey breast without the legs and boneless.

You are asked to pay a deposit at this stage and the balance on collection.

The price per kg is £11.25 for small (up to 5kg) and £11.00 per kg for large (5.5kg and above).

4 kg serves 6-8,
4.5 kg serves 8-10,
5 kg serves 10-12,
5.5 kg serves 12-14,
6 kg serves 14-16.

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4 kg (Serves 6-8), 4.5 kg (Serves 8-10), 5 kg (Serves 10-12), 5.5 kg (Serves 12-14), 6 kg (Serves 14-16)

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